Wooden Chairs With Rattan 01

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High-quality wooden chair made from teak wood, featuring a combination of solid wood backrest and premium rattan weaving.

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Introducing our exquisite wooden chair, meticulously crafted from premium teak wood, with a unique combination of teak wood and high-quality rattan for its backrest. The chair’s natural color finishing exudes an air of elegance, making it a perfect addition to any front porch or living room.

With ample ready stock available, as well as the option to place bulk orders for local delivery within Bali and across Indonesia, our chairs are also export-ready, catering to various countries worldwide.

The production process takes place in both Bali and Jepara, ensuring the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each chair is a testament to our dedication to creating exceptional wooden furniture that seamlessly blends durability, style, and comfort.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal space or seeking to furnish a commercial establishment, our wooden chairs are a remarkable choice, promising a touch of sophistication and timeless appeal.